Black Liquorish Flavored Kleenex

Monday, December 25th, 2006 | Helpful, Smartass

Ok so you know those little travel packs of Kleenex they sell at gas stations? Well I bought some of those. I also bought some Black Liquorish flavored Altoids. Mmm.. Yum…. Well anywho, despite the tissue being inside a plastic wrapper and the Altoids being in a metal container, apparently they felt it necessary to merge.

Every one of my tissues has a strong liquorish smell to it. It’s a good thing I like liquorish. In fact I rather enjoy the Kleenex smelling like them as well. Though I’m sure passengers who used one would probably not feel the same.

Well this got me thinking. If I could give the smell and therefor the subconscious associations that go along with liquorish with just a tissue…. Then surely I could put other smells into my snot rags.

Think about it. Apple Pie Tissues, or Absinthe Tissues…. or dare I say it… Sex tissues! (I think they already exist…. just people don’t blow their noses on them.. hmm perhaps this flavor is not a good idea).

See I believe the best course of action now that I have left my job would be to start selling Smartass Tissues…. For when you just gotta blow. I mean jelly belly has some nasty ass flavors, but they sell a ton.