Advanced Technology in Dreams

Monday, January 5th, 2015 | Life | No Comments

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I was supposed to fix this computer. I fix computers professionally so this to me seemed like the natural thing to do. Thing is as I was fixing the computer the interface changed to that of a game.

I got a really good look at this game, it was hella-impressive. I mean at one point the game was “zoomed in” to a perspective where it appeared like a game that you could create mini sim-city like cities, however you could zoom out which made the cities look like just a sub-game of some game where you play a god.

Later I zoomed out even further and it hid the “god-scape” into the mind of a creature and then showed the screen as if he was just a creature that was being attacked by some people with arrows.

The game even zoomed out one more time to show yet another perspective. There was more to the dream but this zooming in to a creature like a fractal and being some type of god seemed like a wicked cool game.

This seemed more impressive than games I have seen outside of dreams and it leads me to wonder what else our universe has to offer.

Return of TheSmartAss

Monday, November 17th, 2014 | Site Updates | No Comments

Today was the first day of being back on the internet. The site still has a few bugs to work out before I contact the old members and tell them the site is back up and running.

New features since the site went down in 2012:

  • -User Menu (just click your username after logging in on main page)
  • -Favorite Art (click the *Artwork on main page to add art to your favorites)
  • -Favorite Games/Items (click Add to Favorites under Features on right menu when you are on a game/item you like)
  • -Changeable Artwork Collections (in user menu go to options and pick different artwork for the random background)
  • -You can upload your own backgrounds (in option menu, and set them to be the collection on random)
  • -Weather forecast icon (set your location by following instructions in options under user menu)
  • -Artwork now tells you who the artwork is by, links to artist’s homepage and has a gallery of art from the same artist for when you really like what you see
  • -Games now have TONS of artwork, artwork in the game selection menu when you mouseover, more artwork when you pick a game and mouse over the name of the artwork
  • -Video demos of the majority of games in game selection menu
  • -Links to helpful sites like gamefaqs, imdb, youtube, thepiratebay
  • -Generated videos for games like reviews, speed runs, game endings
  • -Anime Music Videos… only the best ones that I knew of
  • -Anime section scaled back and turned into a recommended series only page, where there is mostly just torrent links of what I recommend
  • -New search engines at bottom (thepiratebay and mp3monkey)
  • -When searching the youtube search at bottom of page there is a pulldown menu to search other sites besides youtube for the same search you just did. There are also thumbnails of other videos now.
  • -Renamed sections and deleted a bunch of unneeded sections, the downloads got moved to the links page under other
  • -Replaced mp3 on tripnosis to be a 5 minute “quick happy” binaural beat .
  • -Lots of data entry, but there is still lots more to do!
  • -Added “Play Offline” to the games pages… each game lets you download the rom and an emulator and play offline. This got me to add n64 and neo-geo since you can download the roms and play offline. Lots of fun if you don’t mind playing offline.
  • -Decent looking About page.

A few notes, due to a seriously heinous fuck up when I backed my site up, the games had to be re-added to the database. This caused a bunch of lost save games and cost me countless hours to get the games back. Also I need to do tons of additional data entry to make it so you can sort the games by genre and year. If I get a few extra bucks I might hire some kids to work for hourly wage adding game information.

I hope you guys like the artwork collections, the digital art collections took me forever to get all the information on the site.

How to find mp3 files on Google

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 | Helpful | No Comments

This link will let you find mp3 files instead of full websites.

How it works: “intitle:Index of” .mp3 ben folds by typing that it searches for an open directory of mp3s.

Android Repair… Not Currently for a PC Repair Guy

Thursday, June 20th, 2013 | Computers | No Comments

I am a pc repair guy. I pride myself on being very good at fixing computers. However when I decided to buy a tablet, I found a startling lack of programs and information on the internet to fix a corrupted tablet.

The first tablet I owned got returned to Best Buy after I ended up getting a bunch of friggin’ spyware it had on it.

Solutions to prevent problems on Android
Install a firewall (root required): Try to find something that is well liked and firewalls multiple functions & networks.

Install Ad-Free (root required): It does basically the same thing as a good hosts file for windows.

Things Android did offer to fix itself:
Trend Micro Mobile Security: This app tried to identify dangerous websites. For me it marked a bunch of good sites as dangerous. I actually filed reports on Trend Micro’s website just to tell them that they were false flagging URL’s as bad. I figured Trend Micro would have built something good from the experience they had making Housecall, but they did not.

Ad-Network Scanner & Detector This app searched your apk files (the compressed apps themselves) and alerted you to what vulnerabilities are in the apps. Basically it just tells you what networks and tablet functions an app has access to. It will also list an ad network if it can identify it. However you can’t get rid of the “adware” as it is part of what made your apps cheap or free.

I found it was extremely difficult to find actual solutions to android spyware through Google. I have no idea why, but there was very little information on the actual undesired junk that got installed on an android device available on the net.

I hope somebody starts making actual repair apps, but for now my 2 cents: Android isn’t ready to be fixed by a PC Repair guy let alone the average consumer who gets something funky on their tablet.

How to fix libusb when it breaks windows7 x64 USB and you cannot get in from safe mode!

Sunday, August 14th, 2011 | Computers | No Comments

I spent all night trying to figure out how to get into windows 7×64 since thanks to Libusb install I had no access to any USB ports even in safe mode, and I did not want to do a clean reinstall. Lots of websites and forums say go into safe mode and uninstall, but that did not work for me and for many other people it seems. If you can find/support a ps2 keyboard/mouse then do the uninstall.

If not then find either a Windows 7 Recovery Disk or a Windows 7 install DVD. You will not be reinstalling and if you have neither of those disks just go to a friends house and open their start menu and type backup and it will find you the Backup and Restore program that lets you make repair disk. In this case an x86 version SHOULD (though I did not test) work as well as an x64 version. Once you load from that disk click repair and IF you can do a system restore to go back a day or so do that, it will fix it.

I however being a true geek could not as I have system restore turned off.

Next step only found here. On the repair options I discovered that though all the options are worthless if you click into system image recovery and then advanced it will ask you if you want to install a driver or something. Click whatever button is there and it will open a browse window.

This browse window lets you launch things, which is the ticket to fixing everything. You could fix LOTS of windows problems with this, and they would have been so much smarter to put a run app option on the recovery options, but whatever…

Browse to your \Program Files (x86)\ directory and Right Click and Delete the LibUSB folder there (it is named something longer than that but I am doing this post from memory).

Next Browse To \Windows\ and Right Click and Open Regedit (as admin), and then Open the Edit Menu > Find. Type libusb and click find. Delete everything it finds. It will find keys and data. FYI: I did not delete the keys with the long number strings, only the values/data in them in case they were for other system processes.

This was probably all that was needed, however just in case I went back to the folder browse interface and went through and found every folder that had been modified tonight (in the same time period you installed libusb) and deleted all of them. There was some prefetch data, some temp files, a file in the SysWow64 folder etc… I had no need for any of it even if I did not know what it was. Worst case scenario on deleting too many things from just tonight is that I would have to reinstall something.

Now I didn’t bother, but you might consider reinstalling libusb and then immediately uninstalling it to get a nice clean uninstall of all the files since I am sure it will overwrite all the same spots that were previously used and I am not 100% sure that the way I cleaned up the registry got rid of all the damage it did. All I know is that what I did got me back into Windows 7 without having to do a clean install and that is worth it’s weight in gold.

If you must install libusb, I recommend dual booting and putting it in xp, otherwise search for a windows 7×64 version of libusb since some people have made/hacked one. Be sure to read all the comments on the site first though as it’s a scary driver to screw with…

How To Gain Full System Access to Windows

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 | Computers | No Comments

So you want way more power over a windows machine than you probably should have:

As a smartass and a computer guy I like to know all sorts of sneaky ways to get things done. So when I find out about a quick way to get more power over a windows system in only a min or two, I listen, test and then share. Now I can think of many reasons why you would want to have system access to a machine, but in this tutorial lets just say you forget the passwords to all your administrator accounts. I have met countless people who have done so back when I was fixing computers for a living. In this case you have 3 options:

1) Download a linux based NTFS password changer and burn to cd. This works well however the terminology will probably confuse people since it’s all about finding and editing the Hive of a SAM file. NOTE: On this software you don’t want to change the password, you want to REMOVE IT as changing normally fails.

2) Sometimes you can login to Windows with the username Administrator by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the Login Screen.

3) Turn your non-admin account or guest account into a hardcore system account and simply change the password.

We will follow choice 3. It’s super easy and I have tested it myself.

1) Start > Run > cmd.exe > type: at 12:03 /interactive “cmd.exe” (replace 12:03 with a time 2 mins from now). > close command prompt
2)A new command prompt will open, when it does > Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL > find explorer.exe and End Process.
3) At command prompt type: cd.. > type: explorer.exe

It may take a few seconds to create a new profile, but then you will see the user System in the start menu as user name.

Be warned, this account is scary powerful, this is basically root on a windows xp machine, and possibly other versions. It’s not really meant for simple things that admin accounts can do, so be damn careful if you decide to delete any important system files etc..

Defining Ourselves

Friday, April 9th, 2010 | Philosophy | 4 Comments

One day I decided to define myself. At that moment I made a piece of artwork. On it I put some fractals and a string of text. The text simply said “I am that I am, for I am what I perceive myself to be. I am truth for I believe it. I am love, for I conceive it.

So why let somebody define you? Why even define yourself? As a human being you are beyond labels. You are beyond all things I can ever imagine. You are who you are, and you will always be. Yet day to day who you are will change. Each day you will have a little different view on even the same things.

This too is just a limited perspective. A piece of writing can never encompass how people will interpret the words. It is simply a place to start. A place to begin to create your own truth, and to start letting go of the labels you put on yourself. When you really understand who you are, nobody will ever be able to hurt you.

Demise of Personal BS

Monday, March 22nd, 2010 | Life | No Comments

It’s been months since I wrote a blog post on this blog. It’s not that my life has been any less interesting since I left Prague. It has been all sorts of crazy.

The real issue with lack of blog posts comes from [insert excuse here]. Yes that’s right, because of [insert excuse here] I have not been willing to spend the time to write down new things that have happened in my life.

Also I am kind of drifting away from being the smart ass and I think I will end up making this blog into just a blog about updates on TSA.

But for now I will just try not to [restate original excuse here], though don’t hold your breath waiting to hear about all the stuff that’s happened this year.

New 2009 Music

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 | Helpful | 1 Comment

A lot of new music came out in 2009.  You probably missed some of it, I certainly did.  I wanted to mention some of it.  Specifically I wanted to mention the new music because I noticed a pattern in virtually all of it.  Every new album is “inspired”.  Not every song, but at least a couple songs on each album relate to the changes the world is going through right now.  You feel it, you see it, you sense it.  You can’t quite put your finger on what it is, but you have your speculation.  So do the musicians.  Even the poppy ones are themed.  Take the intro for the Black Eyed Peas new album “The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies):”

“Welcome to the end.  Tonight, there is nothing to fear.  Everything around you is changing, nothing stays the same.  This version of myself is not permenant. Tomorrow I will be different.  The energy never dies.  Energy cannot be destroyed.  What we create.  It always is and it always will be.  This is the end and the beginning.  Forever, infinite.  Welcome.”

Below are the artists with new 2009 albums I’m listening to:
Alice in Chains
Avril Lavigne
Black Eyed Peas
Brand New
Chris Cornell
Cosmic Gate
Courtney Love
Depeche Mode
Diana Krall
Dolores O’Riordan
Faith No More
Free Spirit
Green Day
Infected Mushroom

Jeff Buckly
Lily Allen
Miles Davis
Mr. Big
Neil Young
Our Lady Peace
Porcupine Tree
Prodigal Earth
Revolution Renissance
St. Vincent
Sufjan  Stevens
The Answer
The Decemberists
The Fray
The Mars Volta
The Prodigy
White Rabbits
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

I haven’t listened to all of this stuff yet, but I have bolded the ones that I have and they are all pretty good.  Their perspectives on what to do about it are mixed, but I think they will all serve as muses for the rest of us and I highly recommend you find yourself some 2009 albums.

Maximus Corruptus

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 | Rants | 4 Comments

As most of you know I decided to go to Prague for the summer.  To do so I had to sell my projector, ps3 and my car.  To sell the car I took it to the car wash to get it detailed and then I sold it 2 days later.

Now the day I went to get the car wash my registration was expired.  Seriously it shouldn’t have mattered as I was selling it and leaving the country and was never going to drive it again.  So I went and made a sales contract and got it notarized and everything.  Doing this proved the car was sold and the girl who bought it registered it the same day.

Well, I faxed in all this proof from overseas and asked for a dismissal.  They refused and gave me a continuance so that I could come to court right upon my return to the states. Court was mandated so if I didn’t go they would of suspended my license.  Mind you this seemed a little silly to me as I didn’t own the car, but I figured I just needed to show up to get them to dismiss the charges. 

So, I still don’t own a car.  Took a bike to the light rail in Phoenix to defend my “corporation” from fines. 

I stated my case and the officer didn’t argue with anything I said.  The judge then said, “blah blah blah, I understand you BUT, blah blah blah still expired”.  Then he told me it would be a $653 fine, due immediately and there would be interest and other fees added if I needed time to pay.

I almost shit my pants.  I could buy a car, get an emissions test, registration and minimum insurance coverage for that price if I tried hard enough!!!!!  I could register a different car every day of the week for half a month for less than $700.  It has never been more apparent to me how corrupt the system is than now. 

After court I sat in line to get a number, so that I could then be told to stand in a different line.  That line then put me in a different line where I was given a piece of paper so they could “assess what payments I could make” and then when I got done filling that out I had to stand in 2 other lines again, followed by one more where i picked a number and waited to pay my minimum of $20 required today. 

In the many lines I heard many people trying to explain to people behind a counter that they had taken the time out of their day to come down to the court to try to get an extension on a payment.  Then I would hear the people behind the counter telling them that they had a maximum of 4 days or else a warrant would be put out on them.  Beyond this terrible show of power there were other people yelling about extortion (which I fully agreed with) and all sorts of other ridiculousness caused by the system.

We need to stop putting up with this crap.  This is the world we are part of.  We need to make a stand.  I am not advocating fighting and war as that is part of the terrible system we are already integrated into.  I am instead trying to get each person out there with a bit of compassion to stop supporting these systems. 

We allow a government to rule us that we all know is corrupt.  We allow them to make laws that criminalize everybody except them.  You are raised to believe that everything is black and white or good and bad but nothing is that clear.  The justice system we have in place only serves itself as do the corporations and the government (which has actually stopped hiding it and has just outright admitted that they own the banks and the banks own them). 

I will very soon be launching a draft of a new idea to help change this rotten system into something beautiful, but I cannot be alone in my cause.  You do not need to wait for me to finish my plans, you can actively work towards your own goals.  The world is not unsavable, you simply need to know what you want and tell everybody else around you that they should go for what they want as well.  Stop banking at government controlled institutions.  Stop voting on leaders from the 2 party illusion.  Stop watching the news.  Stop discriminating against people, as you were taught to look for differences in others.  Instead look for similarities and find common ground.  We are all connected, and this world has to support us all. It’s a long broken system and we now have the technology to build a new one that take everybody into account.

Do not protest against corruption and evil, for there is virtually no end to it.  We are surrounded by fear and nasty things like what I have written above that will depress you.  This is not to say you should not see the corruption.  It is vitally important that you understand how rotten it is, for we put up with a lot of shit.  Wake up and break the cycle.  We all need to stop being enslaved by systems that do not benefit us. 

There is no democrat/republican/communist/christian/muslim/jewish/black/white/asian/terrorist plot out to get you.  We are taught to be separate, to feel alone.  To think just for ourselves.  Sure we all have our own beliefs, perspective and our own life purpose but there is no reason why we can’t all get along.  We all live on the same world and when we improve the world around us even if only a little bit, it improves drastically for all of us.  Life improves when we help each other and not when we screw each other.

Wake up! 

Tell your friends, tell your family, your co-workers, your online community.  Tell them that together we can all fix this.  We can make a world grow instead of die.  We can love each other instead of stabbing them in the back.  We can be the change that we want in the world.